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Many thanks for letting us stay at your property. I must say I was very impressed and will certainly repeat this next year.

It equals staying at the Venetian, but without the smoky, noisy gaming halls to pass through.

                                                        Garry, UK



Just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that everything was perfect! We were there for a friends mom’s 80th birthday and had everyone up for champagne before going out for dinner and they all loved the suite and will stay there next time instead of the MGM.



                                                       Jodie, San Diego


I made a reservation for this suite and found the owner to be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, due to problems with our airline, we were sadly forced to cancel the booking and the suite was occupied for our alternative dates but I would highly recommend booking with this owner if at all possible. The initial reservation process was made very easy and straightforward. All my questions by e-mail were answered
promptly and nothing was too much trouble. He tried his hardest to accommodate us when our flights were messed up and, when this was not possible, our money was refunded immediately. I would not hesitate to re-book this suite in the future.


Anonymous, England, UK


We loved Signature Stay....and like the other far exceeded our expectation. We have stayed at many 5 star resorts and hotels...and this ranks right up there with the Ritz Carlton and 4 Seasons hotel rooms.
Absolutly first class!! Lovely, elegant decor with a great view!! Loved the balcony! What a treat to come back to the Signature and this room after a night on the town.
We highly reccommend renting from this owner...very very helpful!!


Terri & Bill, North Canton, Ohio


Signature Stay exceeded our expectations. Booking was a breeze and even after an unfortunate family event postponed our trip, the owner was willing to work out a deal. The suite was perfect in every way and a welcome change from the usual hustle and bustle of staying on the strip. The walk from Tower C was not too bad, and allowed us to work off all the food we ate! We will definitely use this owner again and stay at the Signature.


Raquel & Jarvis


Truthfully, I was a little apprehensive in renting direct from an owner - had never done it before. I did a little research on TripAdvisor and found that many were recommending the Signature hotel in Las Vegas and also recommending to rent through VRBO.

Everything was exactly as stated, I think we got a great deal and a big savings as compared if we were to book direct, the place was immaculate and the service was great.

The process in booking, paying, checking in and out was as smooth as can be.

I enjoyed Tower C, it was much less crowded and closest to Planet Hollywood and the Mile Shops. Though also I timed the walk to the MGM at 8 minutes - so it's just as easy to get there as well.

I cannot recommend working with SignatureStay enough. I do not think you'll be disappointed.


Eddie, Irvine, CA


This unit was in fantastic shape. The owner was very helpful with all my questions and ensured that all the details of my accommodation were addressed. My overall trip was very enjoyable and I would highly recommend this owner and unit. Thanks Signaturestay!




The views of the Signature Pool/Strip from the balcony were fantastic. The owner was very helpful with all my concerns and issues with booking, fees, and the stay in general. I'd highly recommend this owner/unit to my friends. Thanks Signaturestay.


Tracy, Tidewater, VA


Lovely facility. It was spacious and well-kept. The view of the new City Center will be spectacular when it's finished. This was a very quiet, away-from-the-crowd hotel, a nice change from the usual strip hotel, and the owner was great to work with.


Brenda, Ft. Worth Texas


The Signature is one of the best hotels I've stayed at. You cannot go wrong booking with this owner. He is a very pleasant guy and as helpful as they come. This owner has my highest recommendation.


Greg, Tustin, CA